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5 tips to increase your Twitter Followers

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Twitter is undoubtedly the place to be, if you need to reach out to a big audience. However, it is equally true that getting followers on Twitter and ensuring that they are loyal to you is not something that you can achieve overnight. Here are five basic tips to enable you to increase your Twitter following in the long run:

  • Attractive profile: One of the easiest ways to ensure a great following in Twitter is to have an attractive and complete profile. Make sure your Twitter profile is as detailed as possible in as few words as you can, to ensure that people get to know you well. Additionally, you can link your Twitter profile with other profiles that you have created on different social media websites. This will ensure maximum engagement, which in turn will increase your following.
  • Be interactive: Twitter is not merely about tweeting your views but is more about getting people to talk about issues, either with you or in general. Therefore, it is important to be as interactive as possible with your followers. Ask questions on your twitter profile and answer questions asked by others. Participating in other conversations while also initiating conversations of your own will ensure better interaction and following.
  • Quality tweets: Another important factor to remember when trying to increase your Twitter followers is to ensure quality or value-added tweets. While tweets can be and should be personal, it is equally important to give some value addition to your followers. This will ensure that they return, most likely in large numbers, to check your tweets and engage with you.
  • Tweet often but with time intervals: When tweeting, one is often bound or intimidated by numbers. This often makes one go overboard. While more tweets are good, it is important to ensure that there is a time gap between them to ensure engagement from your followers.
  • Hashtags: Finally, using hashtags in your tweets will make sure that you are high on the search results, making you popular and thus helping you to gain a great following.

With these simple tips, it is easy to increase your Twitter followers. But remember that the most important aspect of tweets is to ensure that you tweet from your heart as this will definitely endear you to your followers.

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