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3 tips for using Google+ for business

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Google+ for your business

Using social media to broaden your business horizons has become extremely popular today. However, it is important to remember that each networking site works differently and attracts the audience that’s different from many of its counterparts. Therefore, you might have to put slightly different strategies into effect for each of these sites. In case you are planning to utilize Google+ for your business, here are 3 tips that can help:

  • Complete profile or business page: When promoting your business through Google+, it is important to ensure that your business page has all the relevant information, put forth attractively and with adequate use of keywords. This will ensure that you figure high on the search pages. Linking your website or relevant landing pages to your Google+ page is yet another must-do step as this will not only add credibility but will also encourage engagement from your customers. Another important factor is to create your Google+ Local page with the right business category, keywords and address. Other local search ranking factors such as linking your Google+ Local page to your website, verifying your ownership of the listing, getting native reviews of your business on your Google+ Local page etc also need to be taken care of to feature high on the search engine results. .
  • Regular posting and communication: Just as with other social media websites, it is important to keep your customers and visitors engaged by posting regularly. Posts can be write-ups or pictures or videos. Emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity, while also ensuring that you do not have long gaps between posts. Using hashtags, gifs and interactive posts with an integrated call-to-action are some other ways in which you can ensure higher presence on searches while also keeping your engaged community of followers hooked onto your Google+ page.
  • Engage in relevant conversations: Promoting your business is done best when you engage in conversation with relevant people. As it is not possible to add people to your circles from a business page, unless they add you, it is important to widen your circle through your personal page while not forgetting to introduce them to your business page. You should stay aware of relevant conversations by keeping a track of posts that mention you/your business/the relevant niche. Commenting on threads, clicking a +1 (when you like the post but have nothing to say), re-sharing people’s posts are some ways to show people that you are paying attention. You can also use the ‘Google Events’ feature to send out invites to Google+ Hangouts, discount offers, work functions, webinars, parties etc.

There are several other tips that can help you to use Google+ for your business. But the ones listed above are the top three that can let you get started on this social media site. So, start using Google+ for your business and see how it helps you to rank high in the search engine results and enjoy an increased as well as better interaction with your audience.

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