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Stay fit and happy with yoga

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Benefits of Yoga

In today’s world where obesity has become almost like an epidemic and people are falling prey to stress and stress-induced ailments, yoga is touted as the savior by many health experts. Whether you want to beat the stress, sleep better, improve your immunity or get rid of those nagging back pains, yoga can help. But the benefits of yoga don’t stop with just these. It can do a lot more to make your overall life better and help you live a healthier, happier life.

Why do yoga?

Unlike going to a gym, where you have to use a lot of equipments to train, yoga can be done anywhere. All you need would be something to use as a yoga mat. Again, anyone can do yoga. So, a child of 8 years and an elderly person aged 80 can do yoga without worrying about injuries or other problems. Yoga exercises your muscles and bones, in addition to soothing your nerves. In fact, experts often say that it unites your body, mind and soul. Thus, it gives a holistic experience to the practitioners. Lastly, it’s a lot more cost-effective than paying hefty fees for gym memberships.

Is yoga just stretching?

Yoga is much more than mere stretching exercises. It includes a lot of variety by way of simple and complicated postures, thus ensuring that there’s something for people with varied abilities.

Yoga postures help loosen up the tense muscles in your body. Shoulders, neck and the back are key areas of your body that are susceptible to maximum stress. With yoga, you can relax these areas and strengthen them to keep aches away. Yoga postures can also help other parts of your body (like the jaw, face, fingers, or wrists).

Yoga can be beneficial for certain ailments as well. For example, asthma patients can enjoy improved breathing and lung function with several breathing exercises practised under the purview of yoga. Again, those troubled with digestive problems can bid adieu to bloat, indigestion and irregular bowel movements by practising a sequence of yoga postures regularly.

Practising yoga builds and enhances your ability to stay focused, balanced and calm, thus helping you to relax.

Thus, yoga involves a lot more than doing mere physical exercises. To benefit the most from each of your yoga poses, you need to focus not just on your body, but also on your breathing and mind.

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