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7 Ways to improve your home’s curb appeal this festive season

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First impressions count. There’re lots of homes that often get criticized a lot just because they don’t look appealing from the outside. If your home belongs to this league, focus on improving your home’s curb appeal this festive season. If your home looks great from the outside, everyone will want to see what’s inside. Here are seven tips to reinvigorate your home’s curb appeal this festive season.

1. Revamp the front door

The front door is the entrance to your humble home. So, it’s crucial to make sure it’s adequately attractive to invite visitors over. Give it a good makeover by adding a fresh coat of paint or painting it with a new color. You can also try adding a non-traditional shade matching the festive décor to make it stand out. Clean down composite/plastic doors to restore their lost appeal. Polish door knockers, house numbers and metal letterboxes for a refreshed appearance. Since your home’s entry should also mirror its interior, select a festive wreath or swag that reflects it.

2. Add some greenery

Properties with a bit of greenery often look more inviting. You can add a hanging basket or place colorful potted flowers outside the front door. Artificial ones should be your best bet if you’re concerned of maintenance. If you own a lawn, make sure the grass is mowed regularly and kept green. Clean up fallen leaves and keep shrubs, trees and other plants tidy and neat. You may consider setting up a container garden that adds a welcoming feel, quickly and affordably. For most landscapes, an asymmetrical, staggered arrangement works the best to promote a dynamic setting. Short sections of decorative fence panels and garden gates can also do wonders in enhancing the curb value of the home. These can be found in prefab sections or easy-to-build kits that you just need to join together.

3. Upgrade the roofing

Roofing of the home is a crucial aspect to address when you’re improving your abode’s curb appeal. Aim for roofing systems that are attractive, weather-resistant and secure. For that, you need to select a good design for shingles that will improve the overall feel and look of the home. Remember to hire a reputed contractor for the job.

4. Remember outdoor art

Weather-resistant artwork can easily improve the curb appeal of your home and give the yard a little spunk. However, you’d need to select pieces that complement the home’s exterior elements and natural palette. Look for wind chimes, sculptures, metal cutouts, birdbaths etc that usually work the best with any landscape. If you’ve adequate place, you may even place a fountain at your lawn’s focal point. Just remember to avoid placing the fountain in leaf-dropping range.

5. Light it up

A dark entryway would never do any good. If you already have a hanging pendant or sconce by the front door, replace it with something more fresh and fun. Dust off the debris and cobwebs around all outdoor light fixtures, which will make the home appear more clean and bright. You can also consider solar-powered lanterns or porch string lights to light up the walkway. Low-voltage landscape lighting is also a good option for providing safety and security, apart from promoting the curb appeal.

6. Use outdoor furniture smartly

While too much of outdoor furniture can disarrange the home’s appearance, too little can make it look neglected or scarce. Try to maintain a good balance, and ensure that all the furniture you’ve is in good condition and clean. If you have a small yard, you can consider placing simple ceramic stools and setting up a small table with a beautiful planter on the top to add to the curb appeal.

7. Fix everything up

Don’t neglect small repairs like chipped paint, burned out bulbs, ripped screens etc. Since even tiny flaws can negatively impact your otherwise picturesque exterior, it’s worth taking a day or two out to fix them. Just walk around the outside of your home noting anything that needs a quick fix, and gets to work with the required tools.

Wrapping Up

Giving a boost to your home’s curb appeal doesn’t need to be a week-long work. Instead, you can do this during quickly during this festive season if you prioritize the projects that’ll actually make a difference and plan ahead. Chances are, your home already has lots of beautiful elements and all you need to do is give some finishing touches to make them look visually appealing. If you don’t have the budget for big home improvement projects, you shouldn’t despair. Just spend some effort and time to spruce up the things you already have, and your home will be inviting for sure. While small repairs can make a large difference to your home’s curb appeal, you shouldn’t overlook the impact of a good cleaning as well. So, put these tips to work, mix them up with your imagination, and give your home’s curb appeal a refreshing twist this festive season.

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