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DIY Ways to Organize Your Accessories

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DIY ideas

If it has always been a problem for you to keep your accessories and jewelry in an organized manner, you can try some DIY ideas. There is nothing more frustrating than detangling those necklaces before going to a party or not getting that designer ring, which you had planned to flaunt. Instead of storing all your jewelry in a wooden box, consider displaying them in an attractive manner. This will not only help you keep all the accessories in an organized way, but will also add to the decor of your room.

Here are some DIY ideas to make organizing those precious ad not-so-precious pieces a cakewalk:

  • Use the badminton rackets – It has been ages since you played badminton in college and now you can use that neglected racket to keep your jewelry. Nail it on any of the walls of your room and use the net to hang your hoops and dangles.
  • Dry fruit and chocolate boxes – Don’t throw away the chocolate and dry fruit boxes right after you finish them. Instead, wipe the empty boxes properly and keep all your junk jewelry in these. Chocolate boxes with three to four-inch compartments are good options for storing earrings as well as finger rings.
  • Hangers – You must have some of those diamond-shaped cloth hangers, with four nails on its corners. Use these nails to hang your statement pieces, chains and necklaces so that you can access those easily. You can also create a cardboard mannequin bust and drape all your necklaces around it. Since you would get to see how each of those necklaces would look like around the neck, it will be easier for you to choose which one to wear. You can also keep all your scarves together by tying them around the corner of these hangers.


Use these DIY ideas and some more by putting your creativity to use and see how easy accessing those jewelry and accessories become.

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