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10 best lifestyle blogs for women

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10 Lifestyle blogs

Women these days have a lot to take care of. Starting from managing their professional responsibilities to taking care of the family, they have a lot to deal with. Here are the top 10 Lifestyle blogs that help women with tips and tricks about managing various aspects of their life:

  • Savvy Sugar – It is important for women to become financially independent. This blog helps you deal with investment, debts and savings efficiently.
  • The Beauty Bean – This site is your destination for real beauty, health and wellness tips that work wonders.
  • Cyber Hot Flash – If you are not sure about what to do with life and feeling a little low these days, this blog can be your savior. Though it is intended for aged women, the issues are quite relevant to women of all ages.
  • Recovering Shopaholic – Can’t resist yourself from buying expensive shoes and dresses every time you visit the shopping mall? If yes, this blog shows you how to control your shopping spree.
  • Privilege – This blog discusses style in the context of culture. It talks about different issues that middle aged women face – right from health to fashion. It teaches how to live a privileged life amidst diverse situations.
  • Women Like Us – This blog is intended for working women who often find it difficult to balance work pressure and family responsibilities. You also get helpful career advice at this place.
  • The Women’s Room – This website aims to prove the fact that women, too, are experts in their field. So, if you are an expert in your field, register here today.
  • Geek Sugar – If you are a woman who loves gadgets, you will love this blog, too! This is an amazing resource to check the tech specs of all the latest gadgets.
  • The Greenists – If you are thinking of living a greener life, but not sure about how to do it, check out this blog where you will find reviews, recipes, giveaways and advice about sustainable living.
  • Lil Sugar – This is a blog for would-be as well as current mothers. The content of this blog helps you learn how to deal with your kids or pregnancy in a better way.
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