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This privacy policy (“Policy”) sets out how POST UPDATE (“Company,” “we,” and “our”) obtains, processes, stores, uses and shares your personal information when you interact with or use our website (www.postupdate.net) (“Site”) or where we otherwise get or collect your personal information.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to know our practices regarding your personal data and how we process it.


What is personal data?

This stands for any information relating to an identifiable or identified natural person (“data subject”). By an identifiable natural person, it’s meant an individual who can be identified, indirectly or directly, especially by reference to an identifier like an identification number, a name, an online identifier, location data, or to one or more factors particular to the genetic, physical, mental, physiological, social, cultural or economic identity of that natural individual.

Why do we require your personal data?

We process your personal data completely in accordance with applicable privacy and data protection laws. We need specific personal data to provide you with access to our Site. In case you are a registered user of our Site, you will have ticked on the checkbox and agreed to provide us with this information to view our content, get access to our services, or purchase our products and/or services. This consent is our legal basis for processing your data under the applicable law. You possess the right to withdraw such consent whenever you like. If you do not consent to your personal data being used by us as outlined in this Policy, we request you not to use our Site.

What personal data do we collect and process?

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Contact information (email address and phone number)
  • Demographic information (post code, interests and preferences)
  • Web browser version and type
  • IP address
  • Operating system
  • Information on the use of our Site (such as pages visited, time spent on the Site, url of referring site, online transactions)
  • Preferences regarding online marketing
  • Cookie data (please see our Cookies section for more information) Notice

How do we collect your personal data?

We obtain your personal data from the following sources:

A. Directly from you. This includes:

  • the personal data you submit when you subscribe to any services on offer or register to use our Site, which includes your‎ name, username, email address, and password;
  • the personal data contained in any comment, video, or other submission that you post to or upload on the Site;
  • the personal data you provide us with in relation to our rewards program, special offers, deals and discounts, and any other promotion that we may run on the Site;
  • the personal data you give us when reporting a trouble with our Site, or during the course of our customer support to help you with an issue related to the use of our Site;
  • the personal data you submit when buying from us through our Site; and
  • the personal data you give when you communicate with us via email, phone, or otherwise.

B. Information Automatically Collected

This includes automatically logged information about you and your device used (desktop, laptop, mobile, or any other device) when you visit and browse our Site. Some examples of automatically collected information during your visit to our Site are:

  • The name and version of your device’s operating system
  • The model and manufacturer of your device
  • Your browser type and browser language
  • Your device’s screen resolution
  • Pages of our Site that you viewed
  • Time spent on specific pages of our Site
  • The website you visited prior to coming to our Site
  • Time of access of our Site and your activity, use and actions on our Site

We use cookies to obtain this information about you.


This Site may process your personal data for the purposes mentioned below. One or more of these purposes may be applicable at the same time.

Providing products and/or services

We may use your personal data to provide you with our products and/or services, to make sure the security and functionality of our products and/or services, to process your requests or as otherwise may be needed to execute the contract between you and POST UPDATE, to identify you as well as to examine and avert fraud and other misuses.

Developing and managing products and/or services

In order to develop and manage our products and/or services, marketing and sales, and customer care, we may utilize your personal data. We may merge your personal data obtained regarding your use of a particular product and/or service offered by us together with other personal data we may already have about you, unless such personal data was obtained for a motive, where the original motive is mismatched with this motive.


Some of our products and/or services may need an account to help you handle your preferences and content. Based on the product and/or service, creation of an account may be either voluntary or necessary. Such account creation requires you to share with us your basic contact details like name, date of birth, email address, and country of residence. You can also provide us with more information about yourself voluntarily while creating a profile, such as an avatar or image of your choice.

Communicating with you

Your personal data may be used by us to communicate with you, such as to inform you about changes in our products and/or services, or to send you significant alerts and other such notices regarding our products and/or services, and to get in touch with you for purposes related to customer care matters.

Advertising, marketing, and making recommendations

We may get in touch with you to notify you of our new products and/or services, or promotions we may run, and to perform market research when we have your consent or it’s allowed otherwise. We may make use of your personal data to customize our offering and to offer you more relevant products and/or services, for example, to make suggestions and to show personalized content and advertising in our products and/or services. This may include displaying our own and third party content.


It’s dependent on the purpose for processing and may differ as explained in the specific supplement or guideline applicable to the product and/or service that you’re using. Generally, we process your personal data under these legal bases as follows:

Performance of a contract with you

We process your personal data to execute our obligations under the terms of service applicable to the product and/or service you are using. You can check our Terms of Service here.

Your consent

We process your personal data in case you have given your consent for the processing activity. At any time, you have the right to withdraw your consent. If you do so, it will prohibit us from additional processing of your personal data depending on your consent, but will not have any influence on the legality of processing depending on your consent before it was withdrawn. Some of the aspects of our products and/or services might be only accessible based on consent.

Legal obligations

We process your personal data for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

Legitimate interests

We may process your personal data to take forward and promote our legitimate interests, like regarding developing, managing, testing, securing, and in limited situations like advertising, marketing, and making recommendations concerning our products and/or services. Any such processing is performed with suitable measures to defend your fundamental rights and freedoms associated with your personal data, and in any occasion will be subject to the limits presented in this Policy. Additional information or specification of our legitimate interests may be offered through relevant supplements or guidelines applicable to the product and/or service.


We make an effort to only obtain personal data that’re essential for the purposes for which they are obtained, and to hold on to such data for no longer than is required for such purposes. The duration of retaining personal data, and the criteria for determining that duration, are dependent on the nature of the personal data and the purpose for which it was obtained or provided. For example, to manage your account, your relevant personal data (such as name, date of birth, email address, account preferences and content) are maintained for as long as they are held by you within your account. Additional data such as records of your action within the application are normally maintained only for a short time before being pseudonymised (de-identification of data where a data record’s personally identifiable information fields are substituted by one or more pseudonyms or artificial identifiers) or anonymized (where identifying details or particulars are removed from data).


We don’t lease, sell, rent or otherwise reveal your personal data to third parties unless it’s stated otherwise below.

Your consent and social sharing services

We may share your personal data in case we’ve your consent for it. Some services may let you share your personal data with other users of the same service, or with other services and their users. We request you to think carefully before revealing any personal data or other information that other users may access.

POST UPDATE affiliates and authorized third parties

We may share your personal data with authorized third parties or our affiliates, who process personal data for POST UPDATE for the purposes explained in this Policy. This may, for example, include delivery of your purchases, billing via your network service provider or otherwise, providing you with services including customer service, credit checks, analyzing and managing consumer data, performing research, and running marketing and other such campaigns. When you buy our products and/or services with a network service provider plan, we may be required to exchange information with your network service provider to offer you such products and/or services.

We may join hands with our partners to carry out joint marketing and other communications. To stay away from duplicate or redundant communications and to customize the message for you, we may need to match information obtained or collected by us with information collected by the partner where this is allowed by law.

These authorized third parties aren’t allowed to use your personal data for any other purposes. They’re contractually bound to this effect by us, and we require them to function consistently with this Policy and to utilize suitable security measures to guard your personal data.

International transfers of personal data

Your information, including personal data that we collect from you, may be transferred to, stored at, and processed by us beyond the borders of the country where you reside, where data privacy and protection regulations may not offer similar level of protection as in other parts of the world. By accepting this Policy, you agree to this transfer, storage, or processing. All reasonable steps will be taken by us that are necessary to make sure that your data is treated safely and in line with this Policy.

By accepting this Policy, you give consent to this storage, transfer, and processing. We will take all steps reasonably required to make sure that your data is treated safely and in line with this Policy.

Mandatory disclosures

We may be compelled by mandatory law to reveal your personal data to particular authorities or other third parties, such as to law enforcement agencies in regions where we or third parties working on our behalf function. Your personal data may also be disclosed and otherwise processed by us compliant with applicable law to defend POST UPDATE’s legitimate interests, such as in legal proceedings or in relation to governmental requests and filings.

Mergers and Acquisitions

If we decide to buy, sell, merge or otherwise restructure our businesses in specific countries, this may include disclosing your personal data by us to actual or potential purchasers and their advisers, or getting personal data from sellers and their advisers.


Our products and/or services are usually intended for general audiences. We don’t knowingly collect information of children without their parents’ or guardians’ consent. In case a parent or guardian comes to know that his/her child has shared his/her personal information with us without their permission, that parent or guardian should get in touch with us. We will erase such information from our files as soon as is reasonably possible.


We take reasonable steps to ensure the personal data in our possession is accurate and to delete unnecessary or erroneous personal data.

We encourage you to log into your account from time to time and access your personal data through it to make sure it’s up to date.


Security and privacy are chief considerations in our products’ and/or services’ creation and delivery. We have allocated specific responsibilities to address matters related to privacy and security. We have a suitable selection of activities to implement our internal guidelines and policies, which includes privacy and security engineering, reactive and proactive risk management, training and assessments. We take suitable steps to address online security, risk of data loss, physical security, and other such risks by considering the risk characterized by the processing and the type of the data being protected. Also, we restrict access to our databases that contain personal data to authorized persons with a valid need for accessing such information.

Unfortunately, no storage or transmission system can be guaranteed to be totally secure, and transmission of information over the internet isn’t wholly secure. In case you have reasons to believe that your communication with us is no longer secure (for example, where you feel the security of your account with us has been compromised), please notify us of the problem right away by contacting us.


What are cookies?

We use cookies to collect information. Cookies are small data files that are sent to you by the websites you visit, and stored in your mobile or computer. Cookies get stored in the file directory of your browser. When you visit the site the next time, your browser will read the cookie and pass on the information back to the website or component that formerly set the cookie. To know more about these technologies and how they work, you can visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org/

POST UPDATE may use both session cookies (that are terminated once you close your web browser) and persistent cookies (that stay on your device – mobile or computer, until they are deleted) to provide you with a more personal and interactive experience on our Site.

Types of cookies we use

Two broad categories of cookies that we use include:

  1. first party cookies, which we send directly to the device you use for accessing our Site (computer or mobile), and which are used just by us to identify your device (computer or mobile) when it’s used again to visit our Site; and
  2. third party cookies, which are sent by our Site’s service providers, and can be used by them to identify your computer or mobile device when it’s used to visit other websites.

On our Site, we use the following types of cookies for the purposes explained below.

Essential Cookies

They facilitate our Site’s operation. For example, they allow you to access our Site’s secure regions and quicken the page loading time. Without them, the services you have requested can’t be provided, and we only use these cookies to offer you those services.

Functionality Cookies

We use this cookie to remember choices you make while using our Site (such as your login details, language preferences), which helps us offer you a more personal experience and saving your time by not needing you to re-enter your preferences each time you use our Site.

Performance and Analytics Cookies

We use these cookies to get information about our Site’s traffic and how users use our Site. We use information thus obtained for internal purposes that help us to provide you with an improved user experience. The information obtained doesn’t recognize any individual visitor. This includes the websites that referred the visitors to come to our Site, the traffic (in terms of number of visitors) that our Site attracts, Pages these people visit on our Site, the time of day and the duration of their visit to our Site, if they are first-time visitors or return visitors to our Site, and other similar information.

To improve the way our Site works, we use Google Analytics. Google Analytics has its own set of cookies. You can get more information about them at https://developers.google.com/analytics/resources/concepts/gaConceptsCookies

To know how Google safeguards your data, you can vista www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html

To prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics while you use our Site, you can download and install the opt-out browser plugin through https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

Targeted and advertising cookies

With these cookies, we track your browsing habits. This helps us display more relevant advertising to you. These cookies use information about your browsing history to team you up with other users having similar interests. With that information, along with our permission, cookies can be placed by third-party advertisers, which let them display adverts which, we believe, will be in tune with your interests and preferences while you are on third party websites.

Social Media Cookies

These cookies enable you to login to your social media accounts (such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+) and share content from our Site with your friends on those social media sites.


You can usually reject or remove cookies through your browser settings. Different browsers have different ways to permit you the deletion of cookies or restricting the types of cookies that can be put on your computer or mobile device. When selecting a browser, you should consider the one that suits your privacy preferences the best.

To delete or disable cookies, you should go to your browser’s “Settings”, and then look for the ‘Help’ tab or search under ‘Tools’ for settings like ‘Privacy’ or ‘Options.’ From there, you may be able to control when the cookies are put, or delete them. Most browsers’ settings will let you block third-party cookies without disabling first-party cookies. Some browsers let you use add-on software tools to delete, block, or control cookies. You may also use security software, which often come equipped with options to make controlling cookies easier.

If you delete or block cookies, you may limit your browsing experience on our Site. For example, you may not get personalized content that’s relevant to you, or need to key in information repeatedly.


You have the right to

  • know at any time what personal data we hold about you, and access it either through your account/profile, or by contacting us directly.
  • get incorrect, incomplete, outdated or redundant personal data updated.
  • place a request for erasing your personal data, and to get a copy of your data in a format that’s machine-readable.
  • limit or disapprove processing in particular circumstances, like where you believe the data to be erroneous or the processing activity is illegal.
  • unsubscribe from direct marketing messages and place a request with us for stopping the processing of your personal data for direct marketing reasons or on other convincing legal grounds. However, despite opting out from our marketing and other communications, we may still send you critical alerts.
  • lodge a complaint with the concerned supervisory authority about our activities related to data collection and processing, provided you are within the EEA (European Economic Area) or positioned in a European Union member state.

You may put into effect your rights by contacting us, or through your account management and by using the options available under profile management tools on your device and our Site. In certain cases, particularly if you wish us to stop processing or delete your personal data, this may also imply that we may be unable to continue to provide our products and/or services to you.

Applicable data protection laws and regulations may provide specific restrictions on the level to which you can exercise these rights. If a restriction is applicable, we will respond to your request, as soon as is reasonably feasible, with an explanation of the actions that will be taken, to the level necessary under pertinent data protection law.


It’s our commitment to resolve any complaints about our use or collection of your personal data. If you desire to make a complaint concerning this Policy or our practices regarding your personal data, we request you to contact us at email.

We will respond to your complaint as soon as is practically feasible, and in any event, within a maximum of 30 days. We hope to find a solution to any complaint that comes to our attention. In case you feel your complaint hasn’t been resolved effectively, you reserve the right to get in touch with your data protection supervisory authority at the local level.


We welcome your questions or comments about this Policy. You may contact us in writing at info@postupdate.net or company address.

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