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Lifestyle changes that promote wellness

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Lifestyle changes that promote Wellness

For a long time, it was thought that well-being was directly linked to diet and exercise alone. Though these play an important role, wellness is a lot more than that. Wellness is not about losing a few pounds and feeling high for this achievement. It is that complete change in your lifestyle which results from the nourishment of your body from within.

A healthy lifestyle has numerous benefits like maintaining a healthy weight, keeping you young at heart and eliminating the risks of diseases. Here are a few lifestyle changes that promote wellness and healthfulness.

Changes in lifestyle that promote wellness

1.  Get some rest

Missing out on your sleep can actually be dangerous to your health. Health experts emphasise a lot on the importance of adequate rest for a healthy living. A minimum of 7 hours of sleep is recommended for a healthy adult. It is better to sleep for continuous hours rather than breaking it up so that you wake up all rejuvenated.

2. Spend time in the sun

Do you know that sunlight is actually good for your health? Unlike popular belief, sun exposure is not so harmful. When you go out in the sun without applying sunscreen, your body produces an important vitamin, vitamin D naturally. There are ways to improve your sun tolerance by having healthy food and getting out wisely.

3. Keep moving wisely

Keep moving is a common advice given to everybody irrespective of age. But, it is better to keep moving wisely so that you can attain your target faster. Rather than concentrating on just weight loss, you could choose exercises that help in the muscle growth and improving strength and stamina. You can seek help to do some effective exercises at home itself.

4. Drink more water

Even though clean drinking water is available to many of us, not everyone drinks enough. When you replace plain drinking water with sodas, remember that too much of it is not good. As a beginning, have a glass of plain water or herbal tea first thing in the morning and keep sipping water or healthy fluids throughout the day.

5. Be tension-free

In a world where everything is moving very fast, it is natural for people to be in stress for most of the time. Studies show that tension and stress affect your health without your knowledge. It is a good idea to practice yoga or meditation to keep stress at bay. You can also read books that motivate you to stay happy no matter what.

6. Have nutrient dense food

Now, this is a known fact but, how many of us actually follow it? You need not avoid your favourite junk foods but, add more healthy foods to your daily diet. Have more of fresh fruits and vegetables during the day and you will start feeling lighter. Remember also to include all the nutrients and make your diet a balanced one.

7. Focus on oral health

This is one thing completely ignored by many – oral health. It is said that oral health has an effect on the overall health of the body. Infections in the mouth can spread to other body parts easily. So starting from today, visit a dentist once in every six months for a routine checkup. You can use natural home-made tooth powder to ensure the health of teeth and gums.

There is no short-cut to wellness and the above points stay true to that. One way to ensure well-being is to start with baby steps. You can gradually build a routine of healthy habits starting from simple ones. The key lies in deciding that you want to make a positive change in your lifestyle.

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