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Capturing the World with a Click

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Humans have gathered the knowledge of holding time and cherish the captured moments anywhere anytime. This art is been practised since ages by them and you can witness the evidence in the form of paintings, sculpture, forts, and palaces. The manuscripts written in those years by poets and historians are their expressions and pictorial depiction. The metamorphosis happened with the invention of the magical gadget- “THE CAMERA”!!The invention, though did not happen for what it is used for these days, brought out the difference between imagination and real time expressions. A painting or a poet’s-depictions are always artificial but the camera captures the real, human expressions of sorrow, pain, happiness, and exuberance. Now the mankind has explored to capture memories and make it immortal!


Cameras, when invented, were used to capture still photographs and the photographs were only in black and white. The need and curious nature of man lead to the invention of colours and then began the era of coloured photographs. Hundreds of research and invention of various types of lenses made the camera more powerful and expressive. Today the person behind the camera just does not clicks the button but actually expresses his mind, feelings, and presents you a canvas full of colourful, exciting, enthralling illustration of emotions. The world of photography has changed today with the fusion of the “art of photography” and the “science of Photography”.

The Art of Photography

Today, photography has shattered all the barriers of geography, language, and distance. Anything which cannot be expressed in words, a photo can. The person behind the camera is an artist who does not just look at the lenses to get a clear “Image”, he’s there with a vision to create a masterpiece. This has given birth to various styles of from “Wild Life Photography” to “Landscape Photography to “Candid Photography”. At times photography has a theme and emotions or features based only on that theme are seized.Just looking at the photograph you will identify the story behind the picture and you may even determine the ideology of the artist. Such is the power of photography that you do not need a word to express yourself.

The Science of Photography

Understanding human emotions and drawing expressions on mind’s canvas can be easy, but when it comes to the presentation or interpretation it is as complex as human behaviour. You cannot put life into your photographs unless you have a basic understanding of the subject i.e. Photography. Say for example if you are not aware of how to use light, you might end-up clicking a photo with Sunlight on the lenses and damage the picture. Similarly which lenses to use for what distance, which zooms, understanding the aperture, how much light should enter the aperture, different camera angles and how to avoid taking hazy pictures are few aspects which you must have knowledge of. Off-course if it’s just a hobby for you need not but if at all it’s a passion you must learn the Science of Photography.

Technological Advancements

The invasion of technology in any sector or industry has always been boon, and that’s what has happened with photography. Various companies have developed cameras with technologically advanced features, starting from the elimination of “Photographic Negative Rolls” to the latest “Sharing of photographs via in-built Wi-Fi”. With technology, the clarity and resolution of images have gone up and quality of pictures in today’s camera is full of life.Technologically advanced features like auto-flash, anti-reflection, 5-level brightness adjustments, and much more, are key to a camera these days and gives you a lot of freedom. The distortions of images have reduced to almost zero with the availability of super lenses whose resolutions go up to 24 megapixels. Cameras today have image sensors, light sensors and even face sensors.

Photography as Career

The potential of this simple form of art has been well understood today and it has become a career option for many. You can witness professional photographers and can even call them for an assignment at your place. People take this as a hobby, explore their skills and at times take this as a full-time job and become professional photographers. Technology has made it simpler and highly competitive, as you now need not wait for days to get your photograph; the moment you click you receive the view.

There are various courses and certifications on photography which help you gather information and knowledge on the subject.

Motion Pictures

Photography is just not clicking “Still Photographs”, it includes recording moving images. The motion picture is also an art, just like still photography. It has its own history, evolution, art, and science. The subject photography though is incomplete without it. From recording images in cassettes, compact discs it has now come to the era where it all gets stored in microchips.

Mobile Photography

Today each one of us is a photographer, as we all carry a camera “Mobile Phone”. The invention of this handy, necessary gadget with a Camera has given birth to millions of photographers across the globe. Everyone can now, capture the world with a click, and can create their own world with a click. The easy access and technological advancement in this industry have added a new dimension to “Photography”!

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