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Tips to protect your hair from the sun

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Tips to protect your hair from the sun

Long, lustrous hair on your head serves more purpose than just beautifying your physical appearance. Hair insulates your body and keeps you cool when it is sizzling hot outside. They also act as a barrier between your skin and the sun’s UV radiation. Overexposure to the sun can damage your hair follicles and may cause hair loss!Damaged hair can be temporarily repaired with conditioning or with protein treatments, but these procedures can damage hair shafts. So rather than cutting your hair off to restore the damage, try these tips to protect your hair and keep them strong and growing this summer:

1. Cover your tresses:

Covering your hair with a nice hat when stepping out is the simplest solution to prevent hair damage. Hats can keep your scalp cooler by providing shade. A bandana can cover your hair and double as your style statement too. Another way to save your hair from the sweltering heat in summers is to wear a scarf.

2. Block the sun with natural oils or creams:

Your scalp is a layer of skin that too needs protection from the sun, just the way the skin on your face, hands etc. does.The sunscreens are a great option if you hate to put on a hat or scarf when going out. Apply a zinc-oxide rich sun-block cream or other SPF hair products on the scalp and the strands to protect them from UV radiation. Once home, you can wash your hair to get rid of these chemicals. You can use natural oils on your hair as well. The oils will soften the cuticle, add glow and act as the natural sun guards. Try coconut, avocado, and olive oil for smooth and soft hairs in summers.

3. Wash hair regularly:

Dirt and pollution mixed with sweat can accumulate on the scalp during summer days. Washing your hair regularly can help regain hair shine. Use a mild shampoo that removes dirt as well as prevents your dry and brittle hair from falling off. Apply an intense conditioner after hair wash to make your hair less sticky and maintain their shine.

4. Keep your hair moisturised:

Increase your intake of fluids during summers. This is not only good for your body but does wonders to your hair too. Water can replace lost body fluids and benefits your hair as well. Using natural products like oils can keep your hair moisturised. Massaging your scalp with oil can rid your scalp of dirt and grime. Oil massage improves blood circulation and strengthens hair roots. Make sure you massage your hair well before rinsing them off to get smooth hair.

5. Trim those split ends:

Split ends have a fondness to pop out during summers. Blame it on inevitable dryness, but splits ends do spoil the appearance of shiny long hair. You can manage damaged and rough ends by trimming them when they show up.

6. Care for coloured tresses:

Coloured hair needs a colour protectant shampoo to maintain their shade and to make them look smooth and healthy. Apply a colour protectant conditioner after hair wash. Don’t wash your hair too often to prevent the colour from fading off too soon. Avoid going out in harsh the sun or use a UV protection cream to protect hair from the harmful the sun rays.

Summers are no reason to keep your hair boring and lustreless. Give them enough nourishment and hydration so they can endure the sunny days with ease. The sun rays can damage hair follicles and turn your soft locks into frizzy strands. However, simple hair care tips can help turn your dull hair into perfectly attractive tresses.

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