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Top 10 Fashion Trends for Fall 2017

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Wondering what clothes you will be wearing over the next 5-6 months? Not sure what to put on your shopping list to step out in style this fall? If these questions worry you, take heart for we bring you some of the choicest trends that will let you put your best fashion foot forward as the mercury takes a dip. From the hottest dresses to the colours in vogue, from bags and jackets to boots, we have it all sorted here for you.

  1. Red-hot is on: Red is going to be the on-trend colour this fall as major brands plan to roll out their designer clothes and accessories soon. From Givenchy’s sleek red colored coats and monochromatic looks in red at Tod’s to Fendi’s over-the-knee statement boots, you will have a lot to pick from in red this coming winter.
  2. Furs are in: From fun furs (faux) in bright colors and eclectic patterns to vintage-inspired, classic coats in real furs that showcase a “back to the basics” trend (unlike last year’s attires in statement fur), furs are going to be a popular trend the coming fall.
  3. Plaid from the ’70s: If the hearing of plaids means the ’90s grunge to you, take a break and get ready to stock up on some bright plaids of the ’70s instead this fall. Be it Prada’s classic coats, Jenny Packham’s formal gown or Tome’s statement pants, the colorful prints of the ’70s are going to rule this winter’s fashion arena.
  4. Glittering boots: This fall, boots with sparkle and shine are going to fly off the shelves fast. If you want to feel like a star and step out in boots with a glitter, make sure to buy one or better still, a few pairs from Saint-Lauren (buying one that Rihanna had worn would be a good idea) or bring home the space age go-go boots of Chanel.
  5. Bags with statement straps: Be it studded guitar bag straps from Alexander Wang,
    Anya Hindmarch’s statement straps handcrafted from laser-cut leather, or long shoulder straps of Fendi that come with double spring clip, straps are going to be the focal point of your bags this fall. Some even ask to look out for micro-bags, multiple bags (a small bag usually attached to the handle of its bigger cousin) and oversized bags (ideal for hoarders) this fall.
  6. Retro hats: From brimmed caps to bucket hats featuring vintage textiles like fur and shearling, retro hats are going to be big this winter.
  7. Victorian-inspired collars: Some call Victorian collars the older sister of turtlenecks. This fall, get ready to sport Victorian-inspired collars in classic whites or their modernized versions in crisp poplin.
  8. Sweats go stylish: Not many think wearing sweatshirts and tracksuits to be stylish but this fall, it all may change as leisure suits are going to be the latest entry in cosy wear. From leisure suits in suede to those featuring technicolour sequins, you can finally step out in style wearing sweats. For an added punch, you may even wear stilettos with these leisure suits that will heighten the style quotient of your attire.
  9. Nylon coats: Forget about wrinkling or a lot of space to pack your coats as nylon coats are set to become your dream transitional wear. The fact that you can easily pack them away in your suitcase and not worry about their being wrinkled acts as added benefits in their favor.
  10. Wide belts are set for a comeback: Be it wide belts in your leather trench coat, or waist-cinching belts on your long skirts, wide waist belts in various proportions and colors are up for a comeback this winter.

Fur collars, floral embroidery and formalwear in velvet are some other fashion trends to look out for this winter. So, go shopping and stock up on dresses and accessories based on these trends so that when the temperatures take a nosedive, you can step out in style looking like a diva who conforms to all the in-vogue fashion trends.
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