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Use and Abuse of Modern Technology

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The emergence and gradual dominance of technology in our lives has left us all spellbound. Be it classroom, workplace or simply our homes, modern technology has gripped every aspect of our lives. One big advancement, the internet, is a potent source that has enabled the world to become a true global village. From learning to employment to routine house chores, all is made easier due to technological revolution.

Now information is a click away, kitchen appliances have made cooking interventions magical, and education has evolved to an incredible high – this is all due to technology and digitalization of the world. But sadly, there is a dark side to it. Technology is not itself bad though, its excessive use has made humans highly dependent upon it, causing us not only health hazards but also a lousy lifestyle.

The Bright Side

Technology has wired our entire world into an unavoidable network. Call it social networking, or simply virtual hang-outs, it is the technological aura that keeps us going. We cannot imagine our homes without electronic appliances, such as TV, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner or cell phones, let alone vehicles for transport. Texting and social media updates keep us connected, and also help us stay organized and efficient.

Then in come major breakthroughs that have totally revolutionized our hospitals, workplaces, industries and businesses. The constant introduction of modern methods of medical interventions and better machines for quick and easier production of goods are some major blessing of technology.

The Dark Side

Technology should not be used to do what can be done without using it. Walking a short distance instead of driving is an example. Our over-use and immense reliability over technology has enslaved us, and now, we cannot even imagine life without it. Due to digitalization of everything, our handwriting has become poor and slangs rule our language. Evil things like pornography and computer viruses take our youth to a forbidding path.

Creativity and smartness are compromised because home-works and other tasks are highly aided by technology. But bad effects seem dwarfed in front of the looming fear of nuclear technology that is prevailing these days.

The truth is, technology has turned our fiction into reality. It has made the impossible quite possible and will keep opening new vistas of wonder in future. But the dark side cannot be taken lightly, and needs to be curbed in order to enjoy this limitless blessing seamlessly.

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