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Beware of online scams trying to rob you

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Online Scams

With the constantly increasing usage of computer as well as the Internet, online scams, too, are increasing consistently. This is one of the most important concerns of law-enforcement agencies as well as the common man. Since catching those whose minds are behind these internet frauds and tracking hackers is almost impossible, it is advisable to avoid fraud attempts. Here is a list of some of the most prevalent online scams that people most often fall prey to, which you should avoid at all costs:

  • Internet auction fraud – This is an online scam, which targets consumers on different auction sites. Someone posts a product for sale on an auction site and the product is supposed to be sold at the highest quoted amount. Most of the time, the product either doesn’t exist or is different from the description given on the site. Scam stars make it a point to collect the entire fund from the highest paying bidder, before they ship the product. Make sure you check out the credibility of the site before you make the payment.
  • Credit card fraud – This scam happens when a consumer provides his credit card information on a not-so-popular website. Unlike reputed vendors, these sites steal and store the data and use those details for another purchase.
  • Spam frauds – Very often, you might receive bulk unsolicited mails, promising that you are entitled to millions of dollars. Most of these mails are fraudulent and they aim at stealing your personal financial details. The best way to save yourself from these types of scams is not to click on any links, sent by an unknown sender. It is not that the scam will always be from strangers. Someone you know can also send you a suspicious email and try to hijack your profile.


So, steer clear of these scams and don’t let scamsters play ball with your hard earned money.


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