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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

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Unlike its traditional ‘everything plus the kitchen sink’ approach, Samsung Galaxy S5 launched is differently, trying to offer customers features designed to give them a great experience, along with some meaningful goodies. Let’s take a quick review at this smartphone.

Physical features            

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a big phone, weighing5.1 ounces and measuring 5.85 by 2.85 by .31 inches (HWD). This all-plastic device has a textured, stippled faux-leather back. Experts believe this to be a significant improvement over Galaxy S4’s glossy, fingerprint-collecting casing. When you receive a new message, you can spot it easily as the colored LED at the top blinks blue. There’s a big micro USB 3.0 port on the bottom, covered by a silver plastic door, which promises fast data transfer and quick charging. The physical Home button of Samsung Galaxy S5, with multitasking buttons and a dedicated, light-up back are quite convenient than the wholly virtual buttons on the HTC One. The water-resistant and rugged framework of this phone makes it durable.


This phone has a typical AMOLED, 5.1-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution display, that’s equal to a pixel density of 432ppi. With an effective color palette and a sharp display packed full of detail, it offers a great experience, be it for your games or photos. A downside is its tendency to oversaturate, where the faces turn a little too flushed and the reds become a little too vibrant.

Battery and Call Quality

The SGS5 comes with a 2800mAh battery under the skin, which is good for 21 hours of talk time. The Ultra Power Saving mode does a lot to extend the battery life. Once your phone battery is around 15%, you can kick it in to limit the phone to texting, calling, web browsing and still find that the device has over a day’s worth of standby time remaining.

The phone has excellent voice quality. Those who like high volume would love these earpieces that get really loud. You can even tune the earpiece tone to match your specific hearing profile.

In brief, the SGS5 offers a practical and glamorous solution to meet modern day needs.

Ref: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2456033,00.asp



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