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Hotel Tonight App for your impromptu travel

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Hotel Tonight

If you have to go on office tours at the drop of a hat or love to set out on impromptu tours, perhaps you know how painful it is to find good hotel rooms at cost-effective rates. To help people like you find last minute deals on hotels at great rates, there’s now a free app called Hotel Tonight. Designed for both iPad and iPhone, this app promises to show you the day’s best hotels and values, thus helping you book last minute hotel rooms (for up to 5 nights!). The app lets you book rooms every day, from 9am until 2am, and offers best rate guarantee. You can also see photos and ratings posted by fellow bookers to make a quick decision. However, users have quite a few things to complain about this app.

Some complain that this app doesn’t advertise the hotel properties accurately, and after choosing a luxury property, you may end up in a room with very basic amenities, albeit with a steep rate. One user even wrote a review on Amazon saying how ‘a skip away from your intended destination’ apparently meant a 20 minute drive in the middle of nowhere! Some others complain about the very limited locations and a limited selection that doesn’t give users great deals. On the other end of the spectrum are those satisfied users who have got great deals with this app and are happy with the overall experience.

To conclude, we believe Hotel Tonight to be good for leads. However, you should either call the hotel or check its rating and user reviews on TripAdvisor before making your final booking to ensure you get what you have paid for.




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