Relive your memories with Trunx

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Trunx is a free all-in-one photo app that lets users capture videos, photos, and Echopix™ (photos with sound) and organize them seamlessly into the cloud. Your images and videos are also organized in a great timeline interface, which allows you to scroll through virtual stacks of photos.

This app lets you free up valuable storage on your device as your videos and photos are stored, at their original resolution, in a password-protected, encrypted vault in the cloud, which you can access easily at any time. You can even import photos from your desktops, smartphones, digital cameras, hard drives, as well as from social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, thus saving everything securely in one place.

With its recently launched new feature SharedPix, Trunx now allows its users to create shared albums (pictures and videos) and collaborate privately with friends and family. You can easily create SharedPix albums through an invitation link. The invited users can add new and existing videos and photos for the group to see. Thus, a group can collaborate on memories together and relive those moments once again. SharedPix comes with added security, as you can lock an album or remove members at any time.

If you have always worried about your private moments falling into the wrong hands when you lose your phone or hard drive, you can rest easy with Trunx. This app lets your photos to be saved in the cloud even if you lose your device. What’s more, it allows you to set up a pin code for additional security, which ensures that your private moments are just for your eyes only.



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